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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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to provide her sketches for the leaders >> thank you. >> good afternoon president fong, commissioners and director. i'm dr. jonathan and i'm here representing the charitable fund. i've read the eir and i know the amount of work that went into addressing any concerns that needed mitigating so i'm here briefly to thank you for your work today and ask you to certain, if any, the report >> i need to keep that door free and clear so, please come to the right side. >> everybody on that wall is going to have to find a seat or move to this side of the room.
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>> thank you. i appreciate your cooperation. go ahead and good afternoon commissioners i'm virginia and i'm here to so for the the proposed 706 mexico project. since 71 we've represented the culture center of san francisco. the opportunity to replace a vacant lot for the mexican-american community is exciting for us and all of san
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francisco. the mexico museum as long awaited the opening of a new museum honoring their cultural heritage. the error states that the 706 mexico museum development would not alter the visual character of the project site and it's surroundings. in fact, it would actually add to the character of the neighborhood. i have read the eir and i believe it's a pilot document it should be certified >> next speaker please and why don't you come on up. i'll call a few more names. (calling names)
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>> good afternoon commissioners i'm mary. i am the ceo of mgm management group and we have the good fortunate of having the businesses or projects. i'm here to support the mexico mission project. i believe this is a good use of a vacant lot in the cultural part of san francisco. we've worked hard to make this project go forward. i have read the eir and i'm aware this would not have a substantial impact on the community. in fact, it's a draw to the area dedicated to the mexico you american projects.
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those are not only beautiful in their design but huge benefits to the surrounding neighborhood. it is a good choice so, please certify the eir that's here today so we can move forward. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners aim richard i live in the valley. i did not that they will called item 11 >> item 11 is closed by because it's on the calendar this is your opportunity to speak to item 11 and can i also speak to general concerns? >> yes and my southern is general i've lived in san francisco for 2 to 3 years and i'm proud to be a resident.
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as an architect i've been concerned n this this city and country has been laughing in talking about climate change and file. it seems to me that the real potential for preserving fuel and energy. i think the biggest example of this is the theatre. this could be reinforced earlier i see unattractive facade elements and as an architect i think of all the talented architects we have in this town and take that believe and adopt
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that believe into a very attractive residential tower. we're looking for affordable hourlgz and i think what a wonderful opportunity to take a building that has steel beams in place and foundations. every time we tear down buildings and replace buildings we're effective using new fossil fuel. so i'd like to encourage this commission a maybe promote the idea that there are many buildings in the city that are threatened to be torn down maybe we can use modifications to make them attractive and i'd like for the commission to look at energy
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issues in this way >> next speaker please. if you haven't spoken if i've called your name come on up >> morning commissioners i'm here to speak on behalf of the project for the mexican museum. i think you have a hardcopy of the information that our site gave you >> i'm sorry do i care to state your name for the record? >> adrian. i believe in my hearty guys will approve the project of the people. it's a cultural project. i think the eir report should be
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approved and i trust you will. i have to tell you i read a little bit of the issue and every angle of it is covered and you have that in writing. so for the sack of making the city to look and be what it is because it's a city that is integrated and this is an element that will make the city shine. it's the latino american community and it's the people of this city to be asked to be treated fairly and completely understanding this is nothing negative about it. it is real it is beautiful as a project of love. it's a project of hope for the latino community and i trust you will do the right thing in
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approving the report. thank you and god bless you >> is there any general public comment? >> good afternoon i'm elaine. i required from san francisco chronicle. i'm 80 years old i live in the area. i represent the seniors. there are 7 senior buildings around moscone. moscone is our neighbor and there's hundreds of us and when the moscone shows going on there is no thousands of them every morning we're going to china and there's lots of traffic and mothers are pushing their children down. this is a very busy intersection
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and this is about the mission project. and i urge the city to pay attention to the traffic and the safety of our seniors. so we beg you to listen to us. it's been years we've been asking for this by nothing has been done. thank you >> good afternoon. my name is allen. people also ask me what my middle name is standing for. i am born and raised in san francisco. my families has been here for many generations. i'm mexican and another mix.
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but being a latino in the district. every city i go to in the united states whether it's mexicans or latinos you'll see tacos and mexican music. i want to keep it simple we have san francisco we have taco trucks and due know it's about time we have a world-class mexican museum. i've read and heard parts of the portions of the eir and as the woman spoke there is no
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substantial in the neighborhood folks before you have approved of the areas in in my opinion are the eyesores. but nevertheless, what i'm here to do is lend my support to the mexican museum and listened my support to advancing forward to have a international arena including the local analysts. simple mexican-american museum. >> next speaker please. i'm going to call a couple of
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names. (calling names) >> and i'd also like to everybody to keep our comments to the topic. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm edward. i'm a student about believes they strongly that the mexican museum is for our agenda. as a representative the younger generation of the mexican museum. that includes possibly having taco trucks outside. this is a long held dream of the latinos who make san francisco a
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designation. providing the museum will allow us to retain our mexican culture. today it has far implications and on behalf of the people who are interested in the curls arts so we can enjoy the mexican museum. thank you >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon president fong and commissioners. my name is mar.
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on behalf of my board i'm here to support the cert causation of the environmental impact report we're very aware of this project. many of us have supported the museum both financial and on committee work and we urge the certification of the final project so we can enjoy the benefits of the museum. and thank you very much >> mr. president, and staff i'm chairman of the board of the festival we have many events between may and october.
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we're one of the institutional committees we've seen the jewish museum and the comedic book institutions and many institutions make the cultural district an anchor. i'm one of those family members that bend from attending the mexican event. i understand the importance of culture but one that builds community. we cannot address all the things that have been talked about but
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clearly one the issues address the community requests or demands so on behalf of the beuna parks institution we want to see it safe and an economical driver for tourism. thank you >> any additional speakers?
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>> any other general public comment? >> good afternoon. my name is a - director of admission good afternoon commissioners. i am here to ask you for your support of the environment certification report for the mexican museum. i don't have to tell you the tremendous impact that the mexican museum will have on our children so just a few words but to tell you it's very, very important that we have the mexican mime. so thank you for your support. i'm looking forward to celebrate the opening of the museum soon thank you. >> any other general accommodate. okay general public comment is closed. >> i've worked at the museum for over about 17 years and i've got to say we really need the mexican museum. the area needs it the area needs it the nation needs it. >> the 706 mexican project the certification report please know that the public comment is closed it ended on august 28th and it doesn't conduct the final comments on eirs. >> good afternoon i'm deborah
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planning staff. the item before you is the certification of the final eir for the proposed 7 mission street. case no. 2008 dot 14 e. i'm joined by a couple of people. in addition, staff right office of infrastructure formally referred to as the successor agency are here. and basically the proposed project would include the building and recess ration and the new construction of a 47 story 5 hundred and 50 feet tower.
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stages would be provided. restaurants or retail commercial space is proposed. up to two hundred and 15 residential units will be provided. flex options have been analyzed. in addition to the project have been analyzed house the vehicles enter and exit the project site. a motion is before you. the draft eir was published on the 2012. the public comment part closed on ugly 2012 and it was published and described. this is not a hearing 80 to consider or consider the
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approval or disapproval of the project. and for your information here to consider the and a joint hearing and park commission is scheduled for april 11th. one correction to the project approve was left out of the response of the comments and i want to clarify that. the following text under actions by other city projects is deleted from the error which says the approval of the agreement for the jessie garage that language should be struck as that action is not required. the texting doesn't present any new additional information.
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and consequently those don't trigger it to be redone. during the public comment of this meeting we heard the comments from the aid and many were expressions of support or opposition to the project apparently the topic of certain is not took into consideration. some of the issues that were addressed had to do with the transportation analysis in particularly pedestrian analysis and pedestrian safety and accessibility for sdltd persons. the issues have been addressed in the comments. having addressed those matters
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i'd like to conclude my certification. we found the implementation would result in a cumulative contributions that couldn't be mitigated to be below a significant level. under the access variance there would be a variance 6 and 7 are not proposed by the sponsor. therefore the commission would need to don't you want an overriding action if they choose to approve the project.
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we would suggest that the report is adequate and accurate. and it complies with the code so this concludes my presentation on this matter unless the members have questions >> thank you commissioner. >> one question. in terms of override isn't that part of the findings or part of this motion >> that's not part of this motion. the statement of overriding considerations would be took into consideration at the time of the approval >> i have some comments yeah. i believe that the eir is adequate accurate and complies with se.
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i did want to say about some of the comments by the public. individual projects are asked to do cumulative pedestrian analysis and some analysis for this project was done during the trans bay and there's a plan to do an independent analysis during the central corridor. there's no part apart from this certification there couldn't be other ways to address the pedestrians issues. this isn't something this project needs to address. however, it's done a lot of things to mitigate the impact but to improve the situation in
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general. the project will use existing parking for the residents and in that way about displays some day use and may mitigate the traffic impact. also this there are some timing signals that will help pedestrian and traffic. and working on the kooug of cars and eliminating some of the cluster of muni lines are some - that's - there are many contributions that have been made. because of the rerouting of traffic and keeping it away from the places where most of the
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pedestrian traffic occurs is in a way going to mitigate the overall traffic. i think the report was extremely well done with alternatives analyzed. >> commissioner. >> i want to acknowledge his comments are very good and should this project moves forward i think there needs to be mitigating traffic the traffic in this corridor is extremely bad. levels of resources are declining so in the final version of this report i walk in
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this area quite regularly and at the traffic breakdown and if there's a convention it's also significant. >> i'd like to say what the commission is saying that doesn't address the support for or against the museum but i think it's a culturally sophisticated city. we're only talking about the museum on its own there is a tower and a museum which by the way things are developed are joined together ann as